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FillPack 112 cardboard shredder

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    Product description
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    the cardboard without giving it a second life? Then there is a sustainable solution with which you can help the environment and your wallet. With the FillPack you make handy mats that can be used as filling material. Do not inflate plastic bags that quickly damage and deflate during transport of your valuable goods. No expensive packaging paper that is rolled up as filling material and quickly loses its resilience! [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_tab]
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    Capacity 1-2 m3 per hour
    Input thickness 12 mm
    Input width 32 cm
    Nutrition 230 V
    Dimensions lxwxh. 580 x 620 x 460 mm
    Engine 0.55 kW
    Weight 78 kg

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